Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What to sit on??

Hey readers! I figured that I would start a blog so that family and friends can see what I'm creating for my classroom and what other cool projects that I'm working on!

This started about two months ago right around the time I got hired as a third grade teacher. I was ecstatic and wanted to do something for my classroom that was *mine*. I had a barstool that I kept in my bathroom when I was in college and figured it would be the perfect arts and crafts project.

To start - I had a handsome man sand it down and helped me spray paint the entire thing white! (Unfortunately, he got some spray paint dots on the hood of his car - WHOOPS!) But once it had dried, I started to sketch out what I wanted on it. I started by sketching out some crayons and then started painting them all in a rainbow pattern.
Once I finished painting all of the crayons, I decided that I was going to do some polka dots on the sides so that it would give it some more "pop". I liked it until I realized the whole thing just needed more...
So that's when I decided that I wanted to have my name on the seat!
After I painted my name I realized that I really wanted the crayons to have more detail and what other way to have more detail than to put "crayola" on them!
So then came time to work on the legs of the stool. I thought doing one long pencil on each flat surface of the legs would be cool but the pencils turned out too big. That's when I decided to do just two pencils facing each other on each side!
Now that the entire thing is complete, I dropped it off and it is currently getting a nice clear coat put on! I'll post the final product when it comes back! Stay tuned tomorrow for what I worked on today!!! 33 more days until I can get into my classroom and start decorating!!

Ms. B

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