Saturday, July 21, 2012

stuck on something, and in Chicago...

What better time to post a blog than sitting at the airport with nothing to do as you wait another hour to board the flight you should have been on at 9:47 in the morning... thank you Dulles for the delays *smh*. As I'm waiting in Chicago to board a flight to Banff, Canada I realize that I didn't get to blog about the project I worked on yesterday!

I've made these magnets before, but figured since I didn't have too much to do during the day (except for the obvious procrastination in packing) that I should make these magnets!! I started with the clear glass stones from the dollar store ($1.00 for about 20 stones!), a bottle of mod podge (make sure it's the kind that will dry clear when putting it on glass!), some type of paint brush, and two fat quarters from joanns. Now, for the fat quarters - you really only need one of them if you are content with doing just one pattern, but of course... not for me! I got two different designs so that I had some variety.
I first "painted" the mod podge to the bottom of the glass stones and stuck them right on the fabric. I did this over a paper towel because I didn't want to make anyone unhappy if something were to have stuck to the kitchen table *gasp*. I then cut the fabric so that it went right around the stones... nothing special and it definitely WASN'T perfect (to be honest - I cut them out in the car as we dropped the dogs off at the kennel!) When I got home, I fired up the hot glue gun and started glueing the magnets to the back of the stones. This was easy-peasy-mac-n-cheesy. My glue dots were about the size of dimes and when I pressed the magnets down the glue went out and surrounded the magnet... it was UHMAZING.

Ahh - so now it's back to waiting and waiting and more waiting. I'll probably update from Banff.. maybe post some pictures of what we're doing while there!! Until then, readers...

Ms. B

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